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Our Day


Daily Schedule



Yeah, the gang’s all here, lets play firefighters, I want to build a  castle with blocks, cook some dinner for my friends or maybe read a book to them.


All that play and brainpower made us hungry, time for snack!



Criss-cross applesauce, what we will learn today?

Our Zoo Phonic friends are waiting for us,  Miss Nanette has

something new today!


           Paint, glue, crayons too, its time to create.  Or we might

            lace a truck, match some bugs…it’s art & table time.



         Lets run, jump and skip, sail the ocean blue!

         Yeah, it’s time to play outside!


Best Part of My Day; Closing Circle


                                Oh, no it’s time to go.                              

Mom & Dad are waiting for me.

See you tomorrow..






MWF, AM: 8:30 am—11:30 am

PM: 11:45-2:45

T&TH, AM: 9:00 am—12:00 pm


Happy Clients

“I have to be honest I was  a little skeptical about putting my son in a home based preschool.  As a first time mom and preschool teacher myself, I had very high expectations of what my son’s first experience with preschool should be.  When I first met Ms. Nanette, I instantly felt very comfortable with her.  She has a warm caring sense about her, that is definitely qualities you need to work with young children.  Little Wonders provides a fun, safe learning environment for children.  The friendships and memories my son is making at Little Wonders, our family will cherish for the rest of our lives.  (Not to mention the great art projects he brings home).  It’s not uncommon to see an article in our local newspaper about some of the great activities Ms. Nanette plans for the children.  Ms. Nanette keep up the great work!  We love you !


The R. Family”



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