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Kindergarden Readiness








Little Wonders Preschool offers children opportunities to learn by being actively involved with developmentally appropriate materials in the areas of language, cognitive, social, emotional, creative, and physical development, we develop the whole child at Little Wonders Preschool.  

Your child will develop at his/her own pace, exploring the world we live in. When you visit Little Wonders classroom you will observe a print rich environment supporting the developmental process of early literacy. Early literacy is promoted daily through many different activities including the children's families.

At Little Wonders we experience the world whether inside the classroom, outdoors or in the community we live. Your child will be exposed to art and literature, develop friendships, learn responsibilities, build high self esteem and experience meaningful activities. It is the goal of Little Wonders to help minimize the gap between preschool and the K-5 school system and to increase kindergarten readiness.

We assist you in preparing your child for his/her next milestone...kindergarten.

Come Play With Us, Come Learn With Us!




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- 2008-2019

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